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The Emerging Needs Program at Pasadena Christian School


emerging needs
at pasadena christian school

Fifteen years ago, Pasadena Christian School decided to create the "Emerging Needs" program on the elementary campus.  With a school that stretches from preschool to 8th grade, it is expected that during those years, some students may experience learning differences that can be supported with the partnership of parents, educational professionals, and the classroom teacher.  Facilitating the progress of the students is Mrs. Vikki Mele, the Emerging Needs Coordinator at PCS. 

The Emerging Needs Program supports our teachers and parents with information and resources as they guide our students to reach their academic, social and emotional potentials.

The preschool at Pasadena Christian School accepts children who are developing at a normal rate, however, we also recognize that some preschool children, who are admitted, may require extra support services in various developmental areas.  Our preschool program will encourage and help parents seek out resources through an observation and referral process to help assess and develop a plan for emerging special needs.

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