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Victoria J. Mele, MSEd,ET/P

My Story

California is my home! In 1980, I graduated from Point Loma College with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. My passion guided me to the University of Southern California and John Tracy Clinic. In 1981, I received my Master of Science in Education along with two California Teaching Credentials – Communication Handicapped and Clear Multiple Subject/General Subjects. Later in 2015, I earned my post-master’s certificate in educational therapy. My training prepared me to follow my educational dream of supporting students with learning differences and their families.

My educational job experiences include teaching in Special Day Classes, being an educator for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing at John Tracy Clinic and becoming the founding learning specialist for PCS’s Emerging Needs program. Although my job experiences are important to me, my most valued life experiences are with my family. My husband and I raised our four children together who are now pursuing their passions! In addition, we volunteer as “puppyraisers” for Guide Dogs of America. As puppyraisers, seventeen guide dog puppies were our responsibility to train and prepare for their future as the “eyes” for a person who is visually impaired!

These are my three educational tenets – advocating for early identification, access to appropriate intervention services and consistent parent involvement. My job as coordinator of Pasadena Christian’s Emerging Needs program, allows me to share hope, guidance and encouragement with our students and their families as they navigate how to guide their child with a learning difference.


626-791-1214 ext.277

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